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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Live Chat

With all of the tools and tricks available on websites today, the ones that many website owners tend to overlook are the ones that don’t seem like they have an immediate affect on the bottom line. Live chat can seem like it would be used mainly as a customer service tool, however it has huge benefits in adding to the bottom line of what a business brings in as well. Using live chat addresses several of the things that stand in the way of a 1st time visitor purchasing anything or taking any other action on your website.

1. Strengthens your connection with your visitors

Live chat allows visitors to feel more comfortable with your web site and your offering because with a real person on the website, they can get their questions answered immediately. Any objections or hesitations can be dealt with in a very personal manner in a way the best written sales letter can’t do. Live chat adds a personalization feeling to each person that engages in it. This kind of service also can assist the visitor with navigating the website, or assisting with filling out the order forms.

2. Allows instant phone to phone connection between the website visitor and the website owner

Some chat programs allow the chat person to connect the website visitor to a sales representative. This is a powerful feature, especially for lead generating sites that allows the business to funnel their website visitors to their higher closing sales reps. THe way this works is the chat person asks the visitor for their phone number and through the software, connects their phone number with the pre-programmed number of the business. The software rings both phone numbers and when each party […]

Lead Conversion and Tailored Content – Better Web Conversion?

In reading a  ChiefMarketer.com article I ran across, I had an interesting idea.  The article (link shared below), discussed using content, such as ebooks, webinars and teleseminars, and whitepapers to generate leads.  Although the article didn’t specifically mention it, you can use any form of content including articles, videos and audios/podcasts/internet radio shows as well.  The whole point of using this content is to inspire opt-ins into the sales funnel.

The whole point of this article, and it makes a good point at this, is that when you get the opt-ins and leads, from using these methods, you need to realize that the prospect is usually not ready to buy at this time.  They are in the research phase.  The know they have a problem, but they don’t know which direction to turn in to solve it.  So it’s not about selling the prospect once you get the lead information, but about supporting the prospect into realizing that your service is what they are looking for.  So what are the keyword in the last sentence?

1) Support

2) Service

You support the prospect because by sharing with them the information they require be able to know where to go to solve their problem.  If you share the information from a true mindset of service, you will naturally attract those to you that are your ideal target market and then guide those that aren’t part of your target market onto someone who would love to serve that segment of the market.  This is the “wealth is in the few” mentality that comes from having an abundant mindset of knowing there is plenty for everyone.

So how is this done?  Adding personalization through experiences and stories is usually a great way to […]

How to Calculate Your Web Conversion Rate

Your web conversion rate is an important statistic to know because it will allow you to know the health and effectiveness of your website.  Most business owners don’t really focus on the web conversion of their website because they are more focused on getting traffic to their website.  This is only 1/2 of the 1-2 punch that you need to have a successful online presence.

To determine your web conversion rate is theoretically simple.  It is the number of people who take your desired action on your website divided by the number of people coming to your website.  So for an example if you have 100 people that come to your website and 2 of them purchase your product or service, and that is the action you want them to take, then you would have a 2% conversion rate.

So while it is technically easy to determine your rate, the more difficult part is to determine the correct number of visitors to your website.  Some of the less expensive statistical programs don’t filter out spam traffic.  There is a lot of automated traffic out there that is used for spamming websites, and writing automated comments to blogs.  This traffic isn’t real and therefore shouldn’t be counted as it can give you an incorrect conversion rate.

The traffic that you want to count is the number of visitors to your site.  Page views, and hits don’t give you an accurate result either.  Make sure you look at the visitor statistic as most programs will give you page views and hits as well.

Google analytics gives a more accurate visitor rate and it seems to filter out some of the spam traffic.  Some other things you can do that require […]

3 Tips on Converting Web Traffic Into Sales

It is one thing to get a lot of traffic to your web site, but if you aren’t receiving any benefit from your traffic, then you have to ask yourself what needs to be changed in your online strategy.  If you want to generate sales from your web site then there are a number of things you must have in place in order to convert the traffic that comes to your website into sales.  In this posting, I will discuss 3 things that can make a significant difference in the response rate of your web site.

1 – Narrow your target market

The more focused your target market is, the easier it is to connect to your target market because it becomes easier to communicate directly to them in their language and emotionally connect to their needs.  For example if your business focuses on serving women’s needs, you would need to narrow that market down because women in general are so diverse.  They are in different stages in their lives, different cultural groups, different socio economic groups, different hobbies, interests, and different goals.

A better target group would be newly married working women with children on the way and a combined household income of over $100,000.  This target market has specific needs that can be directly addressed in your marketing material and on your website.  Addressing this market with content, images, videos and other forms of medium can really build a powerful enough message that will encourage your website visitors to connect with you.

2 – Concentrate on what you offer your target market

After you have thoroughly researched your target market, you will know their issues, problems and desires.  The thing that will get your target market interested […]

How do I get my web presence to generate more business?

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This is a very common question that really has several parts to it.  Overall, generating more business can mean 1 of 2 different things, or both things together.  The first step is to have an overall business strategy.  You will need to decide on a target market and connect to that market.  Who is it you love to serve?  That passion will show itself on your web site, and that is what gets the clicks, phone calls, sales, email signups, etc.  That passion cannot be communicated to your target market if it isn’t there.

Another factor in generating more business from your web presence is being very aware of where your traffic is coming from.  What is your strategy for placing your links out on the web?  Random link exchanges and placing your links on directories that are filled with junk websites will not bring you visitors worth anything.  Those links may get you some search engine ranking clout, but in the long run, it’s what you receive is not worth the effort it takes to do all of that insignificant directory submissions.  4 or 5 good, quality and targeted directories will give you better results than 300 poor quality general directories.  So take the time up front to develop your strategy before you move forward on some random tactic here and there.

So what are the steps to generating more business?

  1. Determine your target market – the more defined and the smaller the better.  – you will be able to more easily connect with that market when it shares more characteristics in common.  Find out as much as you […]

Web Conversion – What we leave on the floor

I was at a workshop this weekend and one of the speakers said something that was somewhat of a light bulb moment for me.  She said that most businesses and marketers focus on turning people who aren’t their clients into prospects instead of just focusing on those that are already interested in your services that don’t have to be convinced.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you feel you have to educate your client to know if they need your services or not, then they are not your target market.  They may be in the future, but let someone else educate that market and you focus on those that already KNOW enough about you to know if they need your services or not.

It also means that you may need to really put some focus into your marketing message so you can more strongly connect with those that require your services, or have someone available to be able to answer your website visitor’s questions.

The key is to really be clear and as specific as you can be about your target market and how you can help them, and what is your specialty in how you can help them.  The more specific you are, the more targeted your message can be, and the easier it will be for you to focus on those that are already interested in what you have to offer as opposed to convincing those that aren’t interested in your services.

What is an example of a clear message?

Let’s use an example for marketing, and a marketing firm.

Let’s say that their target market is small businesses who want to market their services to other businesses, and that is their […]

Maximizing Your Website Conversion – Web Design

In this show, B. Hopkins interviews Todd Barrs of Spyglass LLC, and we discuss one of the most overlooked aspects of having an online presence….  Web conversion.  What are the visitors doing when they get to your web site?  If they are leaving right away, you have some work to do to increase the numbers of people who are staying on your web site.  The fortunate thing is that there are some things you can do to increase your web site’s effectiveness.  In this show, we discuss the following:

Question 1:    What is conversion optimization?
Question 2:    Why is conversion optimization so important to web marketing success?
Question 3:    How does conversion optimization relate to SEO?
Question 4:    Where should conversion optimization fit into a marketing plan?
Question 5:    What can website owners do to begin improving their website’s conversion rates?
Question 6:    On which web pages does conversion optimization have the greatest effect?
Question 7:    Which web page elements have the greatest effect on conversion rates?
Question 8:    Is statistical testing necessary for successful conversion optimization?
Question 9:    What tools and services are available to website owners in order to begin improving their website’s conversion rates?
Question 10:    how much does it cost to make a website?

Also, in B’s Bytes:  I give one tip to the following question:

“How do I get more people to comment on my blog?”

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Getting Your Website To Clearly Speak To Your Target Market

This weeks episode, aired on January 20th 2010 discussed the requirement for business owners to really connect to their target market.  The level of connection you have with your target market is directly proportional to the amount of income you can create from that target market.  So what does it take to connect with your target market?  Our guest this week Alecia Huck of Maverick and Company shares with us some powerful tips on what we can do to get a strong connection with our target market.

Listen in and we discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What are the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing efforts?
Question 2:    What are the most effective strategies you’ve found?
Question 3:    What are some good rules of thumb for developing marketing materials?
Question 4:    If you’re trying to get more referrals, what are some good strategies for that?
Question 5:    Is giving an incentive a good way to get referrals?

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