I was at a workshop this weekend and one of the speakers said something that was somewhat of a light bulb moment for me.  She said that most businesses and marketers focus on turning people who aren’t their clients into prospects instead of just focusing on those that are already interested in your services that don’t have to be convinced.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you feel you have to educate your client to know if they need your services or not, then they are not your target market.  They may be in the future, but let someone else educate that market and you focus on those that already KNOW enough about you to know if they need your services or not.

It also means that you may need to really put some focus into your marketing message so you can more strongly connect with those that require your services, or have someone available to be able to answer your website visitor’s questions.

The key is to really be clear and as specific as you can be about your target market and how you can help them, and what is your specialty in how you can help them.  The more specific you are, the more targeted your message can be, and the easier it will be for you to focus on those that are already interested in what you have to offer as opposed to convincing those that aren’t interested in your services.

What is an example of a clear message?

Let’s use an example for marketing, and a marketing firm.

Let’s say that their target market is small businesses who want to market their services to other businesses, and that is their marketing message as well.  The thing is that they look like most other B-to-B marketing firms, and they become more of a commodity and there is more of a chance that they will have their services decided upon price.  The more specialized they get, the harder it is to make them into a commodity.  The less of a commodity they are, the more they can charge for their services.  Think of the medical field.  It’s the specialists that make the big bucks, and not the general practitioners.

So getting back to refining the marketing message of the marketing firm.  What is their specialty?  What do they love to do and who do they love to work with?  What is their background that makes them different?  Remember, no one is a commodity, most just don’t know how to market their uniqueness.

So what about changing their marketing message to this:

We work with established small to mid sized legal firms who value their time and are ready to expand their marketing message into the social media realm to draw in more business owners and don’t want to have to think about it or manage it.  Is that more specific?  So what did you point out?  You are looking for legal firms who know the value of their time and know the power of the internet, especially social media, and are ready know to take action.  So immediately you rule out the do-it-yourselfers, businesses outside of the legal realm, businesses wanting to focus on pay per click, and businesses who are looking for consumers as clients.  It’s not that if these other business wanted to use your services, you would deny them, you just don’t spend any resources to specifically market to them.

Now it is more easy to set yourself apart from your competition, as you can highlight your expertise in this specific area which makes it harder to compare to other marketing firms.

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