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Connecting with and Researching Your Target Market

In this weeks radio show, we discuss how to research your target market. Where you can go and what you can do to find their wants, desires, pains and needs.  The more you know about your target market, the better you can connect with them when they visit your web site.

We cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: What is a Target Market and Why Do I want to be clear about that
Question 2: What if my target market is really huge
Question 3: How do I address multiple target markets.
Question 4: How do I find out information about my target market?
Question 5: How can I connect with my target market on my web site
Question 6: How can I continue to research my target market from my web site
Question 7: What else can I do with my target market

Listen in to find more about this marketing topic.

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How Video On the Web Is Transforming Small Business

Radio Show for  Wednesday July 29th 2009

Join us on our radio show with our guest Daniel Montano of GoMoSo and MoSo Films.  We will be covering video and how businesses should be using video to enhance their web presence.  Some of the topics we will be covering on our show include….

1. How is video on the web transforming small businesses?
2. What is the advantage over traditional television commercials?
3. What kind of videos are your clients asking for?
4. Does it improve their sales?
5. What is the process to produce a video for the web?
6. What are the costs?
7. How do you re-purpose video for other mediums like DVD, podcasts, etc.
8. What does the future hold for web video?

You don’t want to miss this exciting show.  If you are going to have anything to do with video, you will want to make  sure you catch this episode of the Internet Business Strategies radio show!

GoMoSo – MoSo Films

Internet Business Strategies – Frequently Asked Questions

The show for July 22 was answering the most frequently asked questions about internet marketing, website design, getting traffic and a host of other things as well.  Some of the questions that were discussed were the following:

  • How to get more traffic to my website
  • More info on affiliate marketing
  • How to get started the right way in building your website
  • How to make money from your web site
  • How to get people to comment on your blogs
  • Touched on how to design a good site.

Some of the resources mentioned on the show:



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