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Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Business Website

Even though social media has grown in significance, and it has now become a necessary part of a businesses’ online strategy, it should not completely replace the traditional methods of online marketing.  Social media has an important role in creating relationships, building brand and customer confidence in your business, product, or service.  For most businesses, your website is still the main place where you would convert your prospects and network friends into customers.

You also want to keep in mind that you still want to spend your marketing dollars building up your own online asset (your website) instead of another’s online asset (your social networking sites).  If you spend your efforts and energy promoting your Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube channel, in lieu of your own website, then you are putting your online presence at risk.  If one of your social network sites closes down, or your account gets deleted, then you lose your main means of marketing your business online.   Keeping the marketing focus on your own website allows you to maintain control of your online marketing.

That being said, how does the ever busy entrepreneur keep the appropriate level of focus on their own website while taking advantage of their social media networks to increase product or service awareness and create more clients and customers from this integration?

Well the first step is to be clear on what the focus is for each one.  Use your social media accounts to generate awareness for your business and services and then use your website to convert them into sales and new clients.

Your social media traffic is different than the majority of your other traffic sources because it is what is considered warm traffic.  These visitors already […]

Top 5 Things to Demand in Your Email Marketing Service… Does Yours Do These?

Even with the rise of social media, email marketing is still an effective way to stay connected with prospects, generate sales and market affiliate products for additional revenue streams.  However, with the rise of social media and other forms of communication, such as text messaging, the way email marketing is done needs to be updated.  What should you be looking for in your email marketing service that will keep you updated with the latest developments on the Internet?

1) Consistent product improvement.
The email service provider should look very different today than it did 5 years ago.  If it looks the same, or has most of the same features, then you should look for another email service.  The email provider should keep their service up to date with the newest developments on the Internet and integrate their service to take advantage of these new online changes.

2)  Close integration with your blog
Your blog and your email provider should be closely integrated.  Your service provider should have the option to automatically email your blog postings out to your mailing list whenever you update your blog.  A good service provider will allow you to pick how often you want to automatically email your blog postings out so you don’t overwhelm your list.  This feature saves you time in keeping connected with your mailing list while you are posting great content to your blog.  Clever applications of this feature can practically automate a significant portion of your online business strategy.

3) Ability to connect to your social networks.
Your email list should allow you to send broadcast emails out to your social network accounts as well when you send an email out to your mailing list.  The networks that your provider should […]

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Managing Your Online Brand

I this weeks show I discussed managing the online brand with David Sandusky of Your Brand Plan.  With the changes in the Internet, and the growth of Social Networking, it is more important than ever to be aware of your online brand and begin actively managing your brand.  David and I discuss some very interesting and important topics regarding online brand including:

Question 1:    What is a definition of ‘brand’
Question 2:    What is the best way to take classic brand management online
Question 3:    What are some of the best benefits of online brand management
Question 4:    Should every brand have a presence online
Question 5:    What are some potential pitfalls of having an open brand online
Question 6:    What are the best tools for online brand management

Listen in for more:

In B’s Bytes, I discuss How to convert traffic into buyers.

One of the methods is to be smart about where your sending your traffic from.  Your traffic has to already be interested in your product or service, and then more perfectly, be interested in your product or service at the time they are on your website.  Listen in for the rest of this answer on how to get your traffic interested in your product or service.

Web 2.0 Strategies – Radio Show

In this weeks episode, I covered an overview of how to approach your web 2.0 or social networking strategy.  Is it really important to be in the social networking sphere and if so, how do you incorporate social networking into your own web presence?   On the show, I cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What is Web 2.0
Question 2:    Who is it useful for?
Question 3:    What are some web 2.0 sites
Question 4:    What is the benefit of participating on these sites
Question 5:    Does that mean I don’t need my own web site?
Question 6:    Should I promote my web 2.0 sites and how?

Listen in as I answer these questions.  And if you haven’t already had the chance, check out the wordpress training webinar I will be giving.

Using Facebook to Expand Your Business Presence On the Internet

This radio show which aired on 12/23/09 was an informative, yet very entertaining show with Grandma Mary and we discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of using Facebook for business purposes.  By listening to this show, you will also get an idea of what some of the different features are and when to use them.

We cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: Why should I use Facebook?
Question 2: Should I use a User account, a Group or a Fan Page for my business?
Question 3: How do I keep my personal information private?
Question 4: I don’t want to ask someone to become my “Fan” How can I get them to be a fan.
Question 5: What should I post?
Question 6: How often should I post?
Question 7: How do I get more friends/fans/members of the group?
Question 8: How can I use Facebook ads to target my niche?
Question 9: How do I convert my Facebook fans into paying customers?
Question 10: Facebook Do’s & Facebook Don’ts

After you listen to this podcast, leave a comment on what you think and some of the tips you have found useful in using Facebook for business, no matter where you have found them.

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