5 Things You MUST Know Before You Begin Designing Your First Web Site

This is an article I wrote years ago… I find that it still applies to today’s online world.

In today’s world, if you are in business, and you want people to take you seriously, then you need a website. The common response to needing a web site is to just throw up a couple of pages about who you are and what you do and then hope for the best. Unfortunately, because everyone and their aunt does that, your website tends to look and feel like everyone else’s, and your results end up being less than stellar in their performance. Before you put your first page out on the Internet, it is important to have a well-planned Internet Business Strategy. To improve your chances of receiving more exposure and business for your website, you should know these 5 important things before you ever begin to design your first web page.

1) Who is your target audience?
This isn’t just the generic term like “my target audience is people with money to spend”, but who is your target audience really? What are their likes and dislikes? What kind of words and phrases are their “hot buttons”? What are their fears, and what kinds of problems do they have? What services to they require in addition to yours? If you don’t have an answer to any one of these questions, then you don’t really know your target audience enough to target your website specifically to them.

2) What makes you different than anyone else in your field?
You are a unique individual and have your own special way of serving your clients. Why would someone want to do business with you instead of your competition? Remember, people buy experiences along with […]

Tools You Need to Hold a Money Making Teleseminar

This show will be about what kinds of tools you need to hold a teleseminar that will generate revenue for you. Why you would need to hold a teleseminar and what kinds of benefits that holding regular the importance of holding a teleseminars will give your business.  In this episode, I covered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is a teleseminar?
Question 2:    Why would a business want to have one?
Question 3:    What are minimum of the tools that are needed for a teleseminar?
Question 4:    What tools/services do you need for a money making teleseminar?
Question 5:    How can you re-purpose, make money with your teleseminar?
Question 6:    What are some of the different services out there?
Question 7:    how do you price your teleseminar?

Here is  a list of teleseminar services and resources:

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There is also a webinar class planned for September 17th on How to Get Your Website to Sell Products and Services,

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How to Use Articles to Build Your Email List

In this show Steve Shaw of Submit Your Article and I discuss the tactic of using articles to build your emails list.  There were some very good tips that were included in what you should do with your articles and how you should incorporate them into your web site to get the maximum effectiveness for building your mailing list.  Here are the questions that we answered on the show:

Question 1:    What are the main benefits of article marketing to an online business?
Question 2:    For the sake of our listeners who are new to article marketing can you explain how article marketing works?
Question 3:    Can you explain what makes a good article and how they should write articles?
Question 4:    So how often should business owners be posting articles into the article directories and how many article submission sites should they be using?
Question 5:    Can you explain the importance of keyword research for article marketing?
Question 6:    What’s a ‘resource box’ or ‘bio box’, and how should one be constructed for maximum benefit?
Question 7:    What are your main top tips for great article marketing?
Question 8:    How can articles be used specifically to build your email list?
Question 9:    Articles can take a lot of work to produce, especially on a consistent basis – can you explain how business owners can maximize the value they get from each article they write?
Question 10:    How does help business owners maximize the results they achieve through article marketing?
Question 11:    how to start w/ writing an article
Question 12:    how do you keep the material fresh?
Question 13:    is one artical per month on a site really enough?

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Connecting with and Researching Your Target Market

In this weeks radio show, we discuss how to research your target market. Where you can go and what you can do to find their wants, desires, pains and needs.  The more you know about your target market, the better you can connect with them when they visit your web site.

We cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: What is a Target Market and Why Do I want to be clear about that
Question 2: What if my target market is really huge
Question 3: How do I address multiple target markets.
Question 4: How do I find out information about my target market?
Question 5: How can I connect with my target market on my web site
Question 6: How can I continue to research my target market from my web site
Question 7: What else can I do with my target market

Listen in to find more about this marketing topic.

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Getting Your Website To Clearly Speak To Your Target Market

This weeks episode, aired on January 20th 2010 discussed the requirement for business owners to really connect to their target market.  The level of connection you have with your target market is directly proportional to the amount of income you can create from that target market.  So what does it take to connect with your target market?  Our guest this week Alecia Huck of Maverick and Company shares with us some powerful tips on what we can do to get a strong connection with our target market.

Listen in and we discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What are the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing efforts?
Question 2:    What are the most effective strategies you’ve found?
Question 3:    What are some good rules of thumb for developing marketing materials?
Question 4:    If you’re trying to get more referrals, what are some good strategies for that?
Question 5:    Is giving an incentive a good way to get referrals?

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How to Succeed on the Internet

Internet Penetration (% Population).
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In this show aired on Dec. 16th, I discuss how to succeed on the Internet.  The basic foundation for any success is in the mindset and the habits that one creates as they are starting out a business.  If this basic foundation isn’t in place, then it doesn’t matter how many tricks, techniques or strategies you use, your Internet presence will not be as successful or as profitable, if at all, as it could be.

I cover the answers to these questions in this show.  Listen in for some valuable insight.

Why do so many Internet Businesses Fail Today?
How can you avoid the failing masses?
What are the foundations of a successful Internet Business
What is Leverage and How can you use it on the Internet for maximum gain?
What is the Key to Continuous Growth and Expansion
What is the difference between doing work and making deals?
What constitutes making deals?

Let us know what you think of this episode.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.