WordPress Blogging Tips – Top Mistake Blog Owners Make

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that can also be used as an

entire website.  This blogging software is powerful enough to fit the needs of most small businesses when it comes to using this platform to create an entire website.  In fact, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there today and in use by both large and small businesses.

One of WordPress’ major benefits is that it is very a flexible platform due to the large number of plugins available for the platform.  These plugins add functionality, therefore allowing WordPress to be able to fulfill most kinds of standard website application requirements. This is the main reason why this blogging platform is used by many website owners today.

Even with the quickly growing adoption of this blogging platform, many users still don’t know how to set up the blog so that it makes optimum use of its features to be able to improve their SEO ranking as well as automate some of the maintenance functionality that will save a lot of time and frustration in managing the website.

One of the biggest mistakes that WordPress users make is choosing the default setting in how the URL’s of the blog pages are created.  This is very important because the choosing the correct setting is an extremely easy way to improve the website’s SEO rankings.

The image below shows one of the permalink settings that should be used.  Notice something other than the default setting is picked…

Blog URL: Linking Settings

The reason why this setting […]

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    Are You Making These Mistakes in Your SEO Strategy? Are You Making These Mistakes in Your SEO Strategy?

    Are You Making These Mistakes in Your SEO Strategy?

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your SEO Strategy?

In a WholeBrainGroup blog article I read the other day, it discusses the ‘7 deadly sins’ of

SEO.  Basically the article listed the sins as:

  1. Only feeding search engines (sacrificing good content for search engine tactics)
  2. Using industry lingo (not using what your market is truly searching for)
  3. Poorly created URL’s
  4. Not using enough analytics (useful for selling and converting)
  5. Generic sitewide tag descriptions
  6. Expecting overnight results
  7. No implementation of a long term strategy

In my opinion, the last two, while very heavily similar, are the ones that hurt business owners the most.  Not looking at the long view and seeing SEO as a quick one time shot in the arm, like a vaccine.  Because the search engines change their algorithms regularly, they tend to require the consistent SEO implementation activities to keep their web pages relevant and current.

Another big mistake on the part of business owners is that they oftentimes stop their SEO activity too soon.  Getting into the organic search engines is a process that must be implemented willingly and  persistently.  Be prepared to allow it to take  some time.  If you have very competitive keywords, and you are on a tight budget, it can easily take a year, especially if you don’t have the bandwidth to do many of the extra needed activities yourself.  It can be done sooner, if you have enough resources of time/money.  If you target the less competitive keywords first, you can end up on the 1st page in a couple of months or less with consistent activity.  My record was 30 minutes, but that […]

How to Write Quality Content – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this show, I discuss some of the things you need to understand in order to write quality content.  Content is the one thing on the web that will make or break your success on the Internet.  The more quality content you have, the better your results are in marketing your web presence.  I cover the basic understanding of content and quality content in this episode of the show.  Read on to find the answers to the following:

Question 1:    Why is writing quality content so important
Question 2:    What is quality content according to SEO standards
Question 3:    What are the steps to writing quality content
Question 4:    What are some of the mistakes to avoid in writing quality content
Question 5:    How can you find out more about your audience
Question 6:    How do you maintain fresh content over time?
Question 7:    How do you write content for websites that get traffic
Question 8:    What are some other tips for writing quality content?

How to protect your search engine rankings

If you have a web site that you have been maintaining and updating on a consistent basis for several years, chances are, you have acquired some decent traffic from the search engines. The thing that most webmasters don’t consider is that once they have that search engine traffic, it doesn’t mean it will stay forever. There are things that can happen with your web site that can cause it to drop out of the search engine rankings. So what is a web master to do in order to keep their search engine rankings?

Some very legitimate high quality sites are being hurt by some of the actions taken by the search engines to ban the spammy sites created by less than above-board webmasters. There are some things a webmaster can do to reduce their chances of their legitimate site being mistaken for a spam site.

1) Take care in who you are linking to on your website.

While it is good to have links that are helpful to your web visitors, you need to be careful who you are linking to. If you […]

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Results

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, and one of the most effective and least expensive ways is to improve your search engine rankings and get search engine traffic to your website.  There are three things you must be sure that you do to give yourself the best chance at improving your search engine results.  Some of these take experience to improve and others are just basic common sense.
1) Research the keywords people are actually using to search for your products or services.
You may have received an email from some offshore “SEO company” that says they can get your website on the first page of Google.  It is very easy to get any website on the first page of Google.  The question is, for what search term, or keyword phrase are you getting your web site on the first page of Google?  Many times it’s a search term that no one else is really searching for.   If that is the case, then you will have some trouble at getting any traffic to your website for that term.  You should do your own keyword research, or hire a reputable company to find out which keywords your target market is using to find you and also which keywords are going to give you more responsive traffic.  There are many tools out there that will help you discover these keywords.  Find one and give yourself a step up on your competition.  Once you know these keywords, use them in your website text, page name, title tags and header tags.
2) Keep your web pages as focused as possible on a single topic.
The more focused your web pages are, the better they will rank in the […]