How Would BtoB Service Oriented Businesses Market Their Services Online?

Business to Business (B2B) service oriented businesses tend to have different marketing needs compared to (Business to Consumer) B2C and product oriented companies.  As a result, their online marketing efforts take on a slightly different focus than the other type of businesses.  So how would a B2B business approach online marketing online?  Below lists a few different area on how a service oriented business would focus their online marketing efforts to get the most return on investment.


1) SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is still a very effective method to get more exposure for and traffic to your website therefore generating more leads for your business.  Ranking for specific keywords is powerful because you are able to specifically target your marketing based on the keywords people use to find your services.  If they come to your website from the search engines using your targeted keywords, you can be certain they are interested in your services.  Once they get to your website however, you still have to convert the visitors into leads and customers.  There are many web conversion tactics that are outside the scope of this article that you can engage in which will increase your percentage of ‘converted’ visitors on your website.


2) Social Media

Social media is a very powerful way of connecting with your target market.  For B2B businesses, it is very imperative to know which networks will work best for your because not all networks are the same.  In my experience, I have found that while Facebook can be a great resource for generating leads, it depends upon the type of business you have and who your target audience is.  For more BtoB service oriented businesses, LinkedIn is usually a better solution because […]

Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Business Website

Even though social media has grown in significance, and it has now become a necessary part of a businesses’ online strategy, it should not completely replace the traditional methods of online marketing.  Social media has an important role in creating relationships, building brand and customer confidence in your business, product, or service.  For most businesses, your website is still the main place where you would convert your prospects and network friends into customers.

You also want to keep in mind that you still want to spend your marketing dollars building up your own online asset (your website) instead of another’s online asset (your social networking sites).  If you spend your efforts and energy promoting your Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube channel, in lieu of your own website, then you are putting your online presence at risk.  If one of your social network sites closes down, or your account gets deleted, then you lose your main means of marketing your business online.   Keeping the marketing focus on your own website allows you to maintain control of your online marketing.

That being said, how does the ever busy entrepreneur keep the appropriate level of focus on their own website while taking advantage of their social media networks to increase product or service awareness and create more clients and customers from this integration?

Well the first step is to be clear on what the focus is for each one.  Use your social media accounts to generate awareness for your business and services and then use your website to convert them into sales and new clients.

Your social media traffic is different than the majority of your other traffic sources because it is what is considered warm traffic.  These visitors already […]

Using Linked In for Business.

In this week’s episode that aired on March 31st, I interview Mike O’Neil where we discuss the how to use Linked In for business.

This show covered the power of using LinkedIn, some tools you can use to increase your network, and some of the differences between the pro and basic plans.  There was also some discussion on the value of building a big network as well.  To find out more about Mike O’Neil and what he is doing with LinkedIn, go to

B’s Bytes:
How do I get more traffic effectively and inexpensively to my web site?

Blogging and blog and forum commenting will give you a good head start on getting more traffic to your web site from both the search engines and from other web sites.  To get more tips on how to get traffic effectively to your web site, sign up for your free 30 minute web assessment :

Some of the questions covered include:

Question 1: Why is it important for people to be engaged on LinkedIn?
Question 2: What is the number one thing to do or to fix in order to gain more business, to see more success?
Question 3: You are very connected. Is that important for everyone? And what is the value of building a network, connecting with people?
Question 4: Social Media is the hot topic of the day. How did you get started in social media and what makes you The “Rockstar” and “Diva”?

Question 5: What is the difference between premium & regular membership accounts
Question 6: Why do you travel so much
Question 7: When you are a consultant, you can benefit your client with a bigger network