In this week’s episode that aired on March 31st, I interview Mike O’Neil where we discuss the how to use Linked In for business.

This show covered the power of using LinkedIn, some tools you can use to increase your network, and some of the differences between the pro and basic plans.  There was also some discussion on the value of building a big network as well.  To find out more about Mike O’Neil and what he is doing with LinkedIn, go to

B’s Bytes:
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Some of the questions covered include:

Question 1: Why is it important for people to be engaged on LinkedIn?
Question 2: What is the number one thing to do or to fix in order to gain more business, to see more success?
Question 3: You are very connected. Is that important for everyone? And what is the value of building a network, connecting with people?
Question 4: Social Media is the hot topic of the day. How did you get started in social media and what makes you The “Rockstar” and “Diva”?

Question 5: What is the difference between premium & regular membership accounts
Question 6: Why do you travel so much
Question 7: When you are a consultant, you can benefit your client with a bigger network

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