The radio show I had yesterday with Deanna Maio went fantastically well.  We discussed the concept of Interns, what it takes to make sure your intern program is compliant with state and federal laws, and what are some of the steps to start creating your own intern program.

Creating an effective support team with the use of interns can be tricky for the business owner who is just starting out in this field.  They aren’t aware of how they should interview the interns so they are sure to get the right talent for the job.

They may not know how to post a job description so that they aren’t overwhelmed with applicants that just aren’t right for the position to begin with.

The business owner may not know how to set up the intern program so that they don’t have to take time out of their busy schedule to retrain new interns over and over again.

In this 7-week workshop, Deanna will go over the steps to create your free powerful support team.  You will get the list of resources she uses, the forms she uses, the job description templates that she uses, as well as how to market your intern program to bring in the best qualified candidates who are eager to work for you.  By the end of the workshop series, and even sooner than that, you can have your program up and running.

For listeners of the Internet Business Strategy show,  you will be able to take $50 off of this training until April 13th.  The link for this special deal is:

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Remember, you have until April 13th to take advantage of this offer.  You’ll make your investment back with the free support team you have created.

I will post the radio show shortly.