It is one thing to get a lot of traffic to your web site, but if you aren’t receiving any benefit from your traffic, then you have to ask yourself what needs to be changed in your online strategy.  If you want to generate sales from your web site then there are a number of things you must have in place in order to convert the traffic that comes to your website into sales.  In this posting, I will discuss 3 things that can make a significant difference in the response rate of your web site.

1 – Narrow your target market

The more focused your target market is, the easier it is to connect to your target market because it becomes easier to communicate directly to them in their language and emotionally connect to their needs.  For example if your business focuses on serving women’s needs, you would need to narrow that market down because women in general are so diverse.  They are in different stages in their lives, different cultural groups, different socio economic groups, different hobbies, interests, and different goals.

A better target group would be newly married working women with children on the way and a combined household income of over $100,000.  This target market has specific needs that can be directly addressed in your marketing material and on your website.  Addressing this market with content, images, videos and other forms of medium can really build a powerful enough message that will encourage your website visitors to connect with you.

2 – Concentrate on what you offer your target market

After you have thoroughly researched your target market, you will know their issues, problems and desires.  The thing that will get your target market interested in your services is communicating how you can solve their problems and what you can do to change their lives to the point that they are no longer dealing with their issues.  What most website owners fail to do is they only communicate what they do on their website.  The don’t focus on what kind of experience a client/customer would have by using their services, or what kind of change in their lives or business their customer will experience after using their services.  You can do it differently from your competitors by describing the emotional feeling of your clients/customers will feel after they use your services.  Don’t focus on the HOW you do it, but the WHAT they will receive.

3 – Take advantage of split testing

When you are wanting to create more sales from your website, it is always beneficial to install split testing software onto your website so that you can keep track of what elements are working on your website and what elements aren’t working.  Good split testing software allows you to test one element of your website (like the main Headline, or the call to action), and then tell you which version produced better results.  The split-testing system will always be a work in progress, and you are always constantly testing different elements of your website to continuously improve your conversion results.  If you do this one tip, you will be ahead of 95% of your competition.

Getting more business from your website involves sitting down and refining your online strategy, so you can refine and improve your online marketing message such that it has a stronger positive effect on your target market.    The more focused and refined your online strategy is, the easier it will be to pull in the kind of sales you desire from your website.