B. Hopkins of Psiphon Consulting will give a free training class to the Denver Design District on November 17th 2009 at their facilities in Denver Colorado.   Psiphon Consulting is an Internet Business Strategic Implementation and training organization that creates and implements winning strategies on the Internet for businesses as well as provide training classes on how to grow a business using the Internet.  The Denver Design District is home to over 51 showrooms that offer numerous products and services for both consumer and design professionals.
The name of the workshop that will be held is called “The Things You Need to Know About Your Website to Get More Business and Make More Money”.  “This workshop is great for beginner and intermediate web users.” Said Hopkins.  “Those design professionals who know that they need a website for their business but don’t know how to go beyond an online brochure will receive some great tips and ideas from this workshop.”
The workshop is one hour long and starts at 6:00pm and will cover topics such as what role a website can play in a business, why you should have a website, search engine optimization, paid traffic methods, local search marketing and more.  These topics cover much of the basic understanding a business owner should have to increase the response rate of their web site.
To find more information on Psiphon Consulting, go to http://psiphonconsulting.com To find more information on the Denver Design District, go to http://www.denverdesign.com.


B. Hopkins
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