If you haven’t heard by now, Amazon is changing their affiliate terms of service. They are now not going to give commissions on traffic that is sent to them from pay per click (or keyword bidding) traffic.

What is this mean? For one, it means that those people who were using programs like Google Adwords to send people directly to amazon are no longer going to be able to earn a commission.

This is huge news. Apparently Amazon had to compete too much with all of the affiliate marketers out there and they probably figured that they would still make more money by having to pay for lower keyword bidding prices, and not paying commissions, as opposed to having a huge drop in traffic if all of their affiliates who were using that method suddenly left.

Will some affiliates stop promoting Amazon products? Those affiliates that don’t know how to make the change will certainly stop because serious affiliate marketers will not pay for traffic to send it to Amazon for free.

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