Websites have now become a necessary expense for a business if they want to give themselves credibility.  What most business owners miss out on however is that they don’t really know just what their web site can do for them because they usually have one because everyone else has one.  If the goal is to just keep up with the Jones’, then as a business owner, you are potentially leaving money on the table because you are not making the best use of your web presence.  To make the best use of your web presence, you will want to understand the 7 roles your web site can have in your business.
1)    Sales – Your website can be your automated sales person.  It can perform the e-commerce duties of collecting payments, depositing the money into your bank account and automated customer follow-up.
2)    Marketing – Your web presence can keep your business in front of your target market and it can also keep your business message fresh in the minds of your target audience as well.  It can also keep your target market abreast of the new products and services you are offering.
3)    Branding – You can use your web presence to display your expertise of your particular niche.  This is where you can set yourself apart from the competition.  Your target audience will begin to get an idea of what it would be like to do business with you.
4)    Market Research – You can get valuable market data from your target audience if you encourage your visitors to give you feedback. Ask them questions about your service, what new kinds of products or services they would like to see, and other specific questions relating to your industry.
5)    Customer Service – Your website can provide answers to frequently asked questions, provide valuable PDFs to educate your clients and customers as well as making it easy for them to communicate with you.  You can set up your communication system so that you can easily outsource that part of your business so you will be able to serve your customers more effectively.
6)    Collaboration – You can use your website to manage projects, share information and synchronize the schedules of any key players involved.
7)    Networking – You can use your website to be the hub of communication for your target market.  When you own the hub of communication, you own the conversation.  Becoming the focal point of discussions related to your niche will also improve your effectiveness in branding yourself to your target market.
Your website can play some very crucial roles in supporting your business to be as profitable is it can be.  When you create your website, or redesign it, think about how you can incorporate as many of these roles as possible in your design and strategy.  The more roles you can incorporate, the more value your web site adds to your business, and the more income you can make through your website.

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