In this show, Corrinda Campbell of Get it Done Marketing and B. Hopkins covered the benefits of how using WordPress can fill the needs of most small business owners, and also some things to watch out for when creating your blog.

Catch the answers to these following questions!

Question 1: What is WordPress?
Question 2: Isn’t WordPress just for blogging?
Question 3: Why is WordPress a good solution for a small business owner?
Question 4: What are the benefits of having a blog page integrated with my website?
Question 5: How does my blog relate to what I do with social media and my web presence?
Question 6: What’s the best way to get started with WordPress, (.com v. .org)?
Question 7: What do I need to host my own WordPress website/blog?
Question 8: How do I add a blog to my existing website?
Question 9: There’s a new up date coming soon WordPress 2.9 what can we expect?
Question 10: Where can I get help with my WordPress website/blog
Question 11: How do I create a login?

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Internet Business Strategies –

Also B. mentioned the Facebook class w/ Grandma Mary and Andrea Vahl.  More details at this: Facebook Class – Now Repeated for a new date!

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