In this episode of the show, we discuss how Web 2.0 sites can give your website and your web presence more exposure. There are a few strategies out there that I have become aware of and use myself on how to use web 2.0, or social media properties to improve my search engine ranking and get more traffic to my web site in general.  In this show, we discuss the answers to the  following questions:

Question 1:    What is Web 2.0 – Social Sites?
Question 2:    What are some examples of these social sites?
Question 3:    Which ones will we be talking about for the purposes of this show
Question 4:    What are the benefits of using Squidoo
Question 5:    What are the benefits of using Hubpages
Question 6:    What are the benefits of using
Question 7:    How do you use these sites to enhance your online exposure
Question 8:    Are there other social sites that can be used?
Question 9:    It seems that in order to get these web 2.0 sites on your side you have to be well rounded. Is that assumption true?
Question 10:    Does Psiphon consulting help internet business owners to be more well rounded?


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