On this show, we had Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer on the show discussing how entrepreneurs can truly improve their business by focusing on their brand.  We discussed branding and what it really means, and how businesses can either strengthen their brand or weaken it.

On the show, they offered listeners a show special which included the following:

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Listen in as we give the answers to the following questions.

Question 1:    You write in your book, that your brand is a “promise”, and that the “success of your brand will be determined by how well your customers feel that you kept that promise.
Question 2:    When people often think of branding, they start and stop with “logo creation”, and yet you teach through your Experience Pros University that building your brand includes almost every element of what
Question 3:    What is the simplest, least expensive way we can establish or build our brand identity?
Question 4:    In your audio seminar, “SUPER-Marketing”, you teach people not only what TO do… but specific things that they should consider putting a FREEZE on.
Question 5:    When most people think about branding, they automatically assume that in order to be branded “well”, they will need to invest big money into a professional service.
Question 6:    What would you say the brand of “Experience Pros” means to others?
Question 7:    How important is “differentiation” to effective brand development?
Question 8:    Can you think of an example of dynamic, powerfully effective branding?