On this show, we have Von Chavez of Von Dolce Marketing and JustQMe.com who discussed the most important steps a business should take if they want to advertise online with online directories and other websites.  It also covers how to know if an online directory will be effective and also how to know in general what you should be paying for your online advertising.

The questions that we discussed on the show include:

Question 1: What is the difference between advertising online and advertising in print?
Question 2: Is one better than the other, and how do I know which one to do?
Question 3: What should I look for when choosing to advertise online? ( backed up by real world marketing efforts, i.e. is the advertisement being tracked, is there a link to your website, do they have support)
Question 4: How do I determine if the pricing is fair for internet advertising?
Question 5: There are so many avenues to advertise, how do I choose the right one? ( target market & demographics, advertise on a site that specializes in advertising)
Question 6: How long should I run my ad?
Question 7: Isn’t my website an advertisement online? Why do I need more than that? I pop up on the first page of google.
Question 8: Why advertise online, all of my business is referral based, word of mouth.
Question 9: How do I know what category and what size ad to choose?
Question 10: Can you answer questions about multi-media advertisements, video, podcasts, slideshows, isn’t this all too much? If someone is searching for me, how is a video going to help me over a line list?
Question 11: how local is local these days
Question 12: Would not be easier to pay for results insted?

Listen in on the podcast to find the answers to these questions and more.

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