In this episode of the Internet Business Strategies radio show with B. Hopkins, I interview Dave Taylor of….  Yes That Dave Taylor.  We had a very interesting discussion on how to monetize your blog and how to create a blog that you can monetize.  One of the good points that I liked about the show is the concept that kept getting driven home over and over again was the fact that if you want a blog that is going to generate revenue for you, you will need to create a blog that is a quality blog that is useful to your visitors.

We answer a number of other questions that really hit home what you need to have on your blog that will turn it into an authority site and then get massive amounts of traffic.

These are some of the questions we answered in our show.

Question 1:    What’s your blog about?
Question 2:    Do you have more than one blog?
Question 3:    On your main blog, how often do you publish?
Question 4:    Do you get comments, and if so, do you moderate them?
Question 5:    How do you make money from your blog?
Question 6:    What kind of money are we talking about, do you make a *living* as a blogger?
Question 7:    If you were starting out today, how would you approach blogging as a revenue stream?
Question 8:    What do you most like – and dislike – about blogging?
Question 9:    What about social media: are Twitter, Facebook, etc., making blogs obsolete?
Question 10:    what blog platform are you using
Question 11:    Are you doing SEO
Question 12:    Do you have guest bloggers
Question 13:    Where do you get your advertisers?
Question 14:    Do you pay attention to your readers demograhpics if yes what are they?
Question 15:    how long are your articles,
Question 16:    how long did it take for you to get to rank 7K on Alexa
Question 17:    are you on technorati?
LIsten into the answers to these powerful questions!

Dave Taylor can be found on

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