This weeks episode of the Internet Business Strategy show discussed the power of using more than one blog to generate revenue and how to do that in a more effective and efficient way.  Blogging can take up as much time as you want it to, and if you are going to spend hours a week blogging, you can do that on one blog and put your eggs in one basket, or you can spread the “risk” and put all of that effort in more than one blog.  The multiple blogging works when you use the right strategy and have the right tools.  In this episode, Jack Humphrey of Blog Success, and B. Hopkins discuss the 10-30 method of blogging and how it can become a powerful strategy.

Listen in as we discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What are the different ways people use blogs to get traffic or make money online?
Question 2:    You have something called the “1030 Method.” I know it’s a multi-blog system, but how does it work?
Question 3:    Is it really feasible for people to run more than 2-3 blogs?

Question 9:    Who should you listen to
Question 10:    how often do you recommend posting
Question 11:    what about using guest bloggers
Question 12:    being a guest blogger

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