In this weeks episode, we discuss email marketing 2.0 and how that is different than traditional email marketing.  Using the right tools and programs, an entrepreneur can not only streamline how they keep in contact with their client and prospect base, but they can also automate the process of moving prospects into customers AND continuing the process of upselling your current customers.  Kirk discussed a powerful system that when put into place, will actually double sales.  Some of the questions we uncovered the answers to include the following:

Question 1:    Why is email marketing not effective anymore?
Question 2:    What are small businesses leaving on the table by not following up effectively?
Question 3:     What is email marketing 2.0 verses email marketing 1.0?
Question 4:    How do I develop a marketing plan simply, quickly and that actually generates results?
Question 5:    How does Infusionsoft help people get rid of multiple systems that run their business?
Question 6:    How do Infusionsoft clients double their sales?
Question 7:    Why does Michael Gerber say that Infusionsoft is a gift from God?

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