This show B. and Niki covered the importance of finding your target market and the difference between marketing and PR. In these times targeted PR is more important than ever before and putting together a strong PR campaign will really make a difference in the bottom line of your business. For those of you who were lucky to be on the call, you were able to take advantage of 3 hours of free consultation by Niki Lopez of Focus Marketing and PR.

In B’s Bytes, B. covered the different kinds of traffic you can get to your website and how you would need to use different monetization strategies with each type of traffic.

Those listeners are also eligible for a free web site assessment.

In addition, we  gave the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What inspired you to begin your business?
Question 2:    What process do you go through to help people identify their target market?
Question 3:    Why is identifying your target market so important in today’s world?
Question 4:    What changes do you typically see for your clients once they have gone through this process?
Question 5:    How does today’s economic situation dictate what you can do with your clients?
Question 6:    Why is it still important to market, especially right now?
Question 7:    How does Internet marketing fits into today’s marketing strategies.

In B’s Bytes, I talked about the different kinds of traffic and what you can do with that type of traffic, and the different ways to monetize that traffic.

Check out the twitter webinar I’ll be holding with Andrea Vahl on June 24th

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