This weeks episode with Maurice Washington of Executive Merchant Services was featured on Stickam.  We discussed the whole deal with merchant accounts and how they can affect your online business.  Merchant accounts allow online businesses take payments online and can increase their sales by over 300%.  As a merchant, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when applying for and using a merchant account.  On this show, Maurice and I discuss the following topics:

Question 1:    Why should you get online merchant services?
Question 2:    Difference between a merchant services account vs. a PayPal account?
Question 3:    Is processing credit cards online secure?
Question 4:    What size transaction is too high to process online?
Question 5:    How does the money get from that person’s credit card online to your bank account?
Question 6:    What is the average turnaround time on getting your money into the account?
Question 7:    What is a merchant account
Question 8:    Is Good Credit an important requirement?
Question 9:    What is a high risk industry?

There are actually another 14 questions that were covered in this show that in include topics on payments and costs….  Listen in below to hear them all including the answers.

Also, Maurice and I will be giving a talk on how to make your website ecommerce enabled.  If you are in the Denver area, join the Denver Boulder Business Facebook Group and find out when and where.

Also, check out my WordPress Webinar I’ll be giving on the 28th.

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