In this show, Grandma Mary and I discuss some of the business power tips that are essential for business owners to know about when it comes to twitter and how to use twitter most effectively. There are a lot of things that business owners can do wrong when using twitter, and these things can get in the way of being able to actually bring in more business by using twitter.  This radio show covers some great tips on being able to use twitter effectively and efficiently.  Listen in as we cover the answers to:

Question 1:    How do I decide if I should be on Twitter?
Question 2:    How much time do I need to spend on Twitter?
Question 3:    How to do I find people to follow?
Question 4:    How to do I find things to Tweet about?
Question 5:    How do I measure my ROI?
Question 6:    is there an easy way to find out who didn’t respond to invites so you don’t hit limit on friending
Question 7:    How to find the influential people

We cover more as well…  Listen in.

For those that want to get more tips and tactics for Twitter, this ebook has it all!

Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

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