In this episode, Dianne Dandeneau of discusses the one big thing that keeps people and business owners from being successful, and that is taking action.  There was a great discussion on what taking action means and some of the things that come up that get in the way of people taking action.

In this episode, we give powerful answers the following questions:

Question 1:    What does taking action mean to you?
Question 2:    How do we get to the Action Stage?
Question 3:    What is the most important thing to do to prepare to take action?
Question 4:    How does this relate to your Web business or just business in general?
Question 5:    How do you help people take action?
Question 6:    What keeps people from taking action
Question 7:    how many people leave out knowing clearly who they really are first before they do anything?

She is also now registering people for my Coaching for Awakened Leadership Course, which is distance learning on Tuesday Mornings from 9:00 – 10:30 via conference call.   You can go to her website at to register.

B’s Byte was ‘How to make my blog more interesting and stand out’.

Some of the answers I shared (in greater detail of course) included:

  • Show your unique personality,
  • encourage feedback and interaction.
  • Drive traffic to blog through conversation on other forums

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