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Web Conversion – What we leave on the floor

I was at a workshop this weekend and one of the speakers said something that was somewhat of a light bulb moment for me.  She said that most businesses and marketers focus on turning people who aren’t their clients into prospects instead of just focusing on those that are already interested in your services that don’t have to be convinced.

So what does this mean?

It means that if you feel you have to educate your client to know if they need your services or not, then they are not your target market.  They may be in the future, but let someone else educate that market and you focus on those that already KNOW enough about you to know if they need your services or not.

It also means that you may need to really put some focus into your marketing message so you can more strongly connect with those that require your services, or have someone available to be able to answer your website visitor’s questions.

The key is to really be clear and as specific as you can be about your target market and how you can help them, and what is your specialty in how you can help them.  The more specific you are, the more targeted your message can be, and the easier it will be for you to focus on those that are already interested in what you have to offer as opposed to convincing those that aren’t interested in your services.

What is an example of a clear message?

Let’s use an example for marketing, and a marketing firm.

Let’s say that their target market is small businesses who want to market their services to other businesses, and that is their […]

Finding Your Target Market

This show B. and Niki covered the importance of finding your target market and the difference between marketing and PR. In these times targeted PR is more important than ever before and putting together a strong PR campaign will really make a difference in the bottom line of your business. For those of you who were lucky to be on the call, you were able to take advantage of 3 hours of free consultation by Niki Lopez of Focus Marketing and PR.

In B’s Bytes, B. covered the different kinds of traffic you can get to your website and how you would need to use different monetization strategies with each type of traffic.

Those listeners are also eligible for a free web site assessment.

In addition, we  gave the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What inspired you to begin your business?
Question 2:    What process do you go through to help people identify their target market?
Question 3:    Why is identifying your target market so important in today’s world?
Question 4:    What changes do you typically see for your clients once they have gone through this process?
Question 5:    How does today’s economic situation dictate what you can do with your clients?
Question 6:    Why is it still important to market, especially right now?
Question 7:    How does Internet marketing fits into today’s marketing strategies.

In B’s Bytes, I talked about the different kinds of traffic and what you can do with that type of traffic, and the different ways to monetize that traffic.

Check out the twitter webinar I’ll be holding with Andrea Vahl on June 24th

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Connecting with and Researching Your Target Market

In this weeks radio show, we discuss how to research your target market. Where you can go and what you can do to find their wants, desires, pains and needs.  The more you know about your target market, the better you can connect with them when they visit your web site.

We cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: What is a Target Market and Why Do I want to be clear about that
Question 2: What if my target market is really huge
Question 3: How do I address multiple target markets.
Question 4: How do I find out information about my target market?
Question 5: How can I connect with my target market on my web site
Question 6: How can I continue to research my target market from my web site
Question 7: What else can I do with my target market

Listen in to find more about this marketing topic.

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Getting Your Website To Clearly Speak To Your Target Market

This weeks episode, aired on January 20th 2010 discussed the requirement for business owners to really connect to their target market.  The level of connection you have with your target market is directly proportional to the amount of income you can create from that target market.  So what does it take to connect with your target market?  Our guest this week Alecia Huck of Maverick and Company shares with us some powerful tips on what we can do to get a strong connection with our target market.

Listen in and we discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What are the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing efforts?
Question 2:    What are the most effective strategies you’ve found?
Question 3:    What are some good rules of thumb for developing marketing materials?
Question 4:    If you’re trying to get more referrals, what are some good strategies for that?
Question 5:    Is giving an incentive a good way to get referrals?

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Radio Show Recap – How to turn your website into a web business

This radio show spent a significant portion of the time on mindset and purpose.  It really doesn’t matter what the system is, or what your goals are if your mindset isn’t there to support what it is that you want to create in your business.  These are the topics that were discussed:

What is your mindset towards what you are currently doing!
Is your website a hobby or a business?
Key indicators between a hobby and a business.  A hobbiest…
…has low resources, low time, low priority.
…doesn’t approach costs as investments.
…is not really interested in making money

How do you view life?  (easy or hard?) – Life happens!
How you view life in general is how you will approach your business.  You take you with you wherever you go.

What is your passion?

Are you doing what you are passionate about?

Who is your target market?

What is the purpose of your website?
online brochure?

To hear the rest of the radio show come back for the audio.  (waiting for it to become available)